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Issue with casting the Discovery Channel

For the past week I have been unable to cast the LIVE stream of the Discovery Channel from my Android tablet to my Sony Android TV. When trying to cast any other Entertainment or Movie channels it work absolutely fine or if I only watch the Discovery Channel from my tablet this works fine as well.


I also have another TV with Chromecast attached and an iPad so thought I'd give it ago on these devices as well, again the LIVE stream of the Discovery Channel will not cast but all other channels are absolutely fine.


I then decided to uninstalled the NOWTV and Googlecast apps from all of my devices and reinstall them and again the problem still persists.


This is not a hardware related issue but could be an issue with Discovery Channel itself. For some sort of reason it just won't allow you cast whilst all other channels are working fine. Normally what would happen when casting from a tablet is eventually a stop button will appear when it is successfully casting to stop the stream on my TV. With the Discovery Channel I get four colours continously spinning around and nothing gets casted to the TV nor do I get a stop button appear on my tablet.



NOWTV can you please investigate? I would like going back to watching my favourite channel on my TV rather than on my tablet.


Does anyone else have the same problem with casting the Discovery Channel?





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