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Device limit issues

My old chromecast broke so I bought a new one today.

i haven't changed any settings on my NowTV yet apparently I have exceeded the number of changes to devices I can add. I only have one device - why do I now have to wait until the end of the month to be able to watch the streaming service which I am paying for? I should be able to access that whenever I want.

why would you even put a device limit on it? What is the point?


Now I am 50 quid down on buying a new chromecast and I'm paying for NowTV and can't stream it to my TV. So what are you going to do? I think some sort of recompense is forthcoming but you can't even call directly to the company. Why don't you have a helpline? 


Please answer me and explain how I can get around this as I'd like to watch NowTV tonight as I HAVE PAID FOR IT.



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