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Chromecast - Mix and Match Accounts

Getting to the point where I want to add another subscription - so yes, more than 1 subscription in the same house so I can use more devices.


Because of the restriction on number of devices that can be added/removed every month, I am thinking of adding a bunch of Chromecasts to my 2nd account, and keeping my iPhones/iPads on the first account.



Will this work?  Essentially I am mixing and matching. i.e. I'll be using my iPhone registered on one account to make content appear on a Chromecast that is attached to a completely separate account.


(It also has the advantage that I can keep my favourite episodes and 'last watched' postion on one account - whereas if I had my phones split accross 2 accounts, this would become a mess).

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@Anonymous User I don't think this will work too well as the Chromecast is passed the username from the iPhone/iPad, so you would need to constantly log out to switch between the accounts before casting or watching on the phone.

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Thanks for the response.  I'm fully expecting you to be right (but hoping not!).


I've read in other posts, that it's possible to send from a phone to a chromecast, even if the phone isn't registered.  You just make sure to press the chromecast button before playing the content.


So on this basis, the chromecast is the 'thing' that's registered and doesn't care that it's being controlled by a non-registered device.


On this logic, I'm hoping that the chromecast similarly won't mind if the phone is registered to a different account!!