January Box Sets

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We’ve got some great Box Sets and Full Seasons available this month – but be warned, we won’t have them forever. Be sure to keep an eye on the handy countdown timer under the episode titles, we’ll give you 30 days warning because TV this good really shouldn’t be missed!


Priority Binge:
Set aside some dedicated couch time, these box sets end this month:

Falling Skies : Seasons 1 – 4 : Available until 31 January 2015 : Mr Spielberg had a hand in the production of this addictive sci-fi following a group of survivors fighting back as Earth’s new resistance movement after an alien apocalypse.
Lost : Seasons 1 – 6 : Available until 28 Febrauray 2015 : When a passenger jet crashes on a tropical island, the survivors must learn to survive on the mysterious island. Recently voted #27 on the list of 101 Best Written TV Series of All Time by the Writers Guild of America, if you’ve not seen this one before make sure you put it at the top of your list.
Girls : Seasons 1 – 3 : Available until 29 January 2015 : Your early 20s can be difficult to navigate, and Lena Dunham has captured it perfectly in the award winning series about four girls living the dream, one mistake at a time.
Elementary :  Seasons 1 – 2 : Available until 31 January 2015 : Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu star as Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson in this clever reinvention of  one of the greatest detectives in literary history. In this modern retelling, Holmes is a recovering drug addict working with his apprentice, Dr. Watson, to help solve crimes with the NYPD.
Ghost Whisperer : Seasons 1 – 5 : Available until 31 January 2015 : Life is never dull for antique store owner and newly-wed, Melinda Gordon. It turns out she can communicate with spirits and sets about helping them tie up any loose ends. Jennifer Love-Hewitt takes the lead in this popular Primetime Emmy Award nominated drama.
Perception : Seasons 1 – 2 : Available until 31 January 2015 : Crime drama enthusiasts will love this series about a schizophrenic neuroscientist helping the Feds solve their trickiest cases. Of course he doesn’t work alone; his team includes his teaching assistant, a former student and his best friend - who just happens to be a hallucination.
Geordie Shore : Seasons 1 – 8 : Available until 31 January 2015 : Whey aye! Not one, but eight seasons of Geordie Shore will be arriving on NOW TV for your guilty pleasure. Watch the lads and lasses of Newcastle upon Tyne get up to no good in Britain’s answer to Jersey Shore. That’s proper mint!


Rolling Seasons:

Be sure to tune in each month for a new season of these shows:

Stargate SG-1 : Season 9 : Cult sci-fi series following a secret military team on their adventures through the Stargate.
Stargate Atlantis : Season 4 : A scientific expedition goes through the Stargate to the city of Atlantis, in the Pegasus Galaxy.
Seinfeld : Season 9 : This month brings us to the final season of the hit 90s sitcom about... well, nothing. Look out for some famous faces including Bryan Cranston, James Spader, Kathy Griffin, Teri Hatcher and Marcia Cross.


Noteworthy New Box Sets:

The Walking Dead : Seasons 1 – 5a : Available until 1 March 2015 : If you’ve yet to see this series and you’ve got a strong heart and stomach, this really is essential viewing. Set after a zombie apocalypse, we follow a small band of survivors as they come to terms with the loss of family, friends and life as they knew it and start to learn to live a new life - a life under the constant threat of zombie attack. Catch Up before Season 5b starts on February 9.
Bones : Seasons 1 – 9 : Available until 31 March 2015 : A socially awkward but brilliant forensic anthropologist and a self-assured but charismatic FBI agent team up to solve suspicious deaths. Catch Up before Season 10 starts on January 14.
Revenge : Seasons 1 – 3 : Available until 30 June 2015 : Keep your friends close and your enemies closer - Emily Thorne is out for revenge on those who destroyed her father’s life.
Penny Dreadful : Season 1 : Available 13 January 2015 - 30 April 2019 : Gas lights and foggy streets help set the scene as some of the best characters from literary horror classics are re-imagined in this intriguing story set in Victorian London.  If you like your drama dark and dangerous, look no further!
Comedy Central at the Comedy Store : Seasons 1 – 2 : Available until 31 March 2015 : Top comedians perform stand up at one of the UK’s most famous live comedy venues, The Comedy Store in London.



True Detective :Season 1 : Available until 11 March 2015 : Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson star as Detectives Cohle and Hart, two very different men thrown together on the hunt for a serial killer in backwater Louisiana. Set in both 1995 and 2012, This was one of the biggest new shows to hit our screens in 2014 – and with good reason.
Scandal : Seasons 1 – 3 : Available until June 2015 : Every day is a drama for a crisis management professional who helps the rich, famous and high profile to keep a lid on their scandals. Catch Up before Season 4 starts on January 8.
Mad Men : Seasons 1 – 7a : Available until 2017 : It’s advertising. It’s New York. It’s the ‘60s. Welcome to the world of Mad Men. This highly addictive drama follows the members of a prominent Madison Avenue advertising firm through a hugely influential decade.
Justified : Seasons 1 – 5 : Available until September 2015 : A neo-western crime series following an old school Marshal delivering his own brand of justice. Reassigned to work in his childhood home town, his unconventional, gun-slinging ways puts him firmly in the sights of both the criminals and his bosses.


Brothers & Sisters : Seasons 1 – 5 : Available until May 2015 : When a family’s adult siblings are reunited after the death of their father, secrets, personal issues and drama around the family business quickly start to arise.
Grey’s Anatomy : Seasosn 1-10 : Available until 31 March 2015 : This hugely popular medical drama follows the personal and professional lives of the medical residents and interns at Grey-Sloane Memorial Hospital.
Looking : Season 1 : Available until 31 May 2015 : The lives, loves and complications of three gay men living in San Francisco.
The West Wing : Seasons 1 – 7 : Available until 2017 : Be careful - this popular White House drama is highly addictive. Political drama and power plays are rife in this critically acclaimed series following the professional and personal lives of the U.S. President and his administration.


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24  : Seasons 1-8 : Available until 2016 : Jack Bauer works some very long hours! Given that each episode is about 1 hour long and each season is made up of 24 episodes, technically you could knock over a whole season in one day - and with the amount of adrenaline in this series, that’s actually a very tempting challenge.
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D  : Season 1 : Available until March 2014 : Superhero fans are going to love this one! The series follows the agents of the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division – an elite team assembled to deal with the most bazaar new cases arising after the Battle of New York. 
Whitechapel : Seasons 1 – 4 : Available until 25 June 2015 : British crime drama at its finest. An unlikely team are on the case as copycat serial killers repeat history around Whitechapel, London. Ripperologists will especially love this one!
A Touch Of Cloth : Seasons 1 – 3 : Available until 2018 : Detective Inspectors Jack Cloth and Anne Oldman are solving crime one pun at a time the hit comedy that could easily be Britain’s answer to Police Squad.


Hannibal : Season 1 - 2 : Available until 2016 : Before he was wearing a modified hockey mask and taunting Clarice about lambs, Hannibal ‘The Cannibal’ Lecter was a renowned psychiatrist working with a remarkable yet troubled criminal profiler to catch serial killers for the FBI. Although he is also quite the chef, we don’t recommend watching this whilst eating dinner.
Game Of Thrones : Season 1 : Available until 29 April 2014 : This is your chance to go back to where it all began. If you’ve been following the series over the last few years, it’s worth giving the very first season another watch - those kids look so young!
The Tudors : Seasons 1 - 4 : Available until 30 June 2015 : Henry VIII had a reputation for being a bit of a ladies man, but not a particularly nice guy.  Add to an already intriguing story some amazing sets and costumes and a top cast lead by Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Henry “Man Of Steel” Cavill, and you’ve got yourself a history lesson you won’t want to miss.
Spartacus : Seasons 1 – 4 : Available until 2016 : Take an army of strapping young men with swords and sandals, pit them against the mighty power of the Roman forces, add enough blood and lust to make a seasoned Game Of Thrones fan blush, and you’ve got Spartacus. The series starts with Blood & Sand, although the next instalment, Gods Of The Arena, is a prequel, so watch them in whichever order works for you. But be sure to stick around for the next two seasons: Vengeance and War Of The Damned.


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24 with jack bowers needs to be kept going its been the best on tv,the plot twist and turns please do some more please.