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We’re excited.  Even more excited than Tyrion gets at the thought of having more than enough wine for dinner.


Because winter is coming, and so are all episodes of Game of Thrones. They’ll all be available on Sky Atlantic, starting December 20 at 9pm, live only.

To celebrate this festive surprise, we’re giving away four #GoTNOWTV Thronebacks (remember when Stephen Fry rocked his?) so our lucky winners can feel like the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.  


To be in with a chance of winning, all you have to do is tell us on Facebook or Twitter which house you would belong to in the world of Game of Thrones!

Whether you’re an honourable Stark, a determined Targaryen or a powerful Lannister – we won’t judge.

We’ll randomly select the four lucky winners, and if you’re one of them, you will soon be  sitting on your very own Throne(back)s… Hopefully we don’t have another Joffrey on our hands…

So join now and take what is yours – with Fire and Blood! (But we’d prefer if you did it with some nice comments…Even if you’re feeling just as determined as Daenerys.)

We can send a raven with the T&C’s but you can also find them hereCompetition closes 20/12/14.

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Andy Legend 5
Legend 5

Not as excited as I am .... There's never too much GoT on NOW TV!!!! 😄

Contributor 1

re: Andy | 17 Dec 2014

"Not as excited as I am .... There's never too much GoT on NOW TV!!!! "


Love your irony... There is not much to get excited about Andy, since all that is available on the NOW TV box is the old first series, now four years old, and everybody that was likely to be interested has seen it, twice.


The recent GoT marathon on Sky Atlantic was only available to watch live, so it won't appear on Catch-Up as its a repeat run.

NOW TV have confirmed that seasons 2-4 will appear as Boxsets sometime before season 5 starts, which means they will appear in the next few months, but they won't confirm yet when exactly that will be. boxsets usually appear at the beginning of' the season, so it will probably be beginning of February or March. Ho hum.


I've now watched the first series , when are the next available ? Stark is the house I'm with