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Apple TV


Play now tv on lg smart tv

Hi, just signed up but cannot seem to play now tv on my lg smart tv, I can log in and everything but go to play a film and nothing... also cannot play thru my Apple TV either.. can anyone help pls? Thanks

Now tv not working at night time

My now tv that is on my blu-ray player works fine all through the day, but at nighttime just shows me a black screen.If I use my tablet I can still use now tv, so it's clearly not a wifi issue.Anyone got any ideas?

Watching NOW TV

Hi I watch now tv on my apple tv. Does anyone else agree the GUI and general way it works entirely rubbish? Is it going to be upgraded? If so when? If I buy a Now TV box is it a better experience at all? thanks

All my streaming apps in one place

Firstly I love now TV  but I also love Netflix and amazon, streaming is the future so please can we get all are apps on one great device,at the moment it's PS4,Xbox or roku streaming stick the latter I am using at the moment but need better,thanks

Now TV Apple TV app

I'm going to be totally honest the Now TV app on Apple TV is terrible. It requires an overhaul and I'd like to see a service similar to HBO Now or AT&T DirectTV. Why can't you ditch Now TV and offer Sky TV similar to HBO Now etc?

Resolved! Apple TV 4th Gen Feedback

I've noticed a few comments from others with similar issues, thought I'd start my own thread though. BugsI'm watching The Blacklist and when an episode finishes the screen is just black.Press menu and it goes back a menu too far.Other times it goes t...

Maximum devices reached

I have 3 apple TVs in my house and all three are registered to the same now tv account , I understand you can only stream two simultaneously and this has never been a problem before , however now when I watch on one of the devices it says that I am s...

Some advice please

Hi I have an entertainment pass and pay £6.99 a month. I watch now tv on my Apple tv. I have a few questions. You can get a now tv box for £19 at tesco which comes with a 6 month entertainment pass. 1. If I bought the now tv box from Tesco I assume I...

Lack of Apple TV 4th gen updates or support

Why oh why does the most advanced set top box have the poorest least updated app?Still, no top shelf intergration, no "my TV" section (unlike nearly every other platform you're on), has the old ATV 3rd gen UI, no pause or rewind of live TV (like on y...