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Apple TV


Stopped working altogether on Apple TV

Now Tv has stopped working on the new Apple TV. It had been working fine but now nothing. I've restarted, talen the plug off but nothing works. All I see is a black screen. Is the service down?

Lost remote

I have lost my nowtv remote control. I have ordered a new one from sky accessories but it still has not arrived. Is there an app for iPhone or any other method to use my nowtv?


I pay for the entertainment pass via itunes and have no problem accessing content now TV on my apple TV. However, when I log into nowTV on my iPad or laptop i get a message saying that I need to purchase a pass. Any ideas???

Bug Fix Release for Apple TV 4?

Is there going to be a new bug fix release for the new Apple TV anytime soon?  I've noticed a few issues over and above the missing functionality (and appreciate the comments on the other threads about no news on enhancements yet) Issues that do need...

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Apple TV not recognised.

My Apple TV box was working in my living room. When I purchasd a second Apple tv and moved my older unit in to the bedroom I set it all up but it will not play until February as it is being recognised as a new device???I am within my device limit and...

Impractical jokers

Season 7 (the new series) seems to be missing the even numbered episodes on catchup on ATV4.Episode 2 from last week and episode 4 from yesterday are not there.

No audio on new programmes

For some reason all the new programmes/films on my now tv will play through my apple tv but with no audio.  All the old programmes play fine with audio.  What is going on? For instance, Kingsman: The Secret Service and Scandal season 5 episode 5 have...

Apple TV - NOWTV not accessible

It says on NowTV status there was a fault today and has been resolved However, I still can't access NowTV I've restarted Apple TV, but still no lu...

Setting up

I have subscribed to now tv today and have been able to access through my I pad and I phone. However I have come to use now tv through the Apple TV using the now to app link and I have put in my user name and password and it is saying there is a prob...

Apple login forbidden

Hi, I am getting the error "Apple login forbidden" error when I try and log into my apple tv. I can log into my other devices. I have reset my password to one that does not contain anythign but letters and numbers twice but its not helped. Can you he...