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Maximum devices reached

I have 3 apple TVs in my house and all three are registered to the same now tv account , I understand you can only stream two simultaneously and this has never been a problem before , however now when I watch on one of the devices it says that I am streaming on the maximum devices and have to stop playing on one device , the thing is that only one Apple TV box is actually turned on so how can it be playing on the other two ?
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@Anonymous User


Well G, 


Contact Now TV's Live Chat on the following URL, between 8.00am and 12 midnight.


Please insure that you explain your problem logically and coherently and you will get the maximum help available.



UK Bob

Anonymous User
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Hey @Anonymous User


Can you try signing out of the devices and then try watching on one of them? Let us know if you get the same message!


I've also given some more device changes to your account just in case 🙂






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Hi, I got asked to trial but used up my slot allowance doing so, is it possible to get an extra slot because of this as I need to do a device change?
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Hi @Anonymous User


Thanks for your post, sorry for the delay.


Just to let you know I have granted you with a few additional changes on your account.


For future reference our live chat team can sort this type of query out for you within a few moments.


To contact them you can use this link.



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Have the same problem today got my devices removed and it is still happening after re adding them !!