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How many of your 4 devices gets used up with AppleTV and iPad casting via Airplay to AppleTV?

I have been experiencing a lot of problems with iPad casting to TV via Chromecast as Chromecast registers itself as one of your 4 devices and thus use up 2 of your 4 devices just trying to watch on one device.


Will I have the same problem trying to watch NowTV on my AppleTV if wish to use a second iPad as the controller to the AppleTV?


That is, if I wish to cast from iPad to TV via Apple Airplay, will that use up 2 of the 4 device limit?  I am finding this very restrictive as means I won't be able to use my phone when travelling as will have already used up 4 device limit with 2 ipads and 1 chromecast and one appletv when really the chromecast and appletv are just a means of projecting from the ipads to the TV.

It's such a shame that NowTV not yet on Samsung TVs as I am having to use ipad/cast combo to be able to watch anything on TV (NowTV box useless and too slow).


Please find a way to not register Chromecast and AppleTV as devices if just being use for casting from iPads.


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@Anonymous User


Airplay mirroring will only work for sports passes (at standard definition), not for entertainment or movies passes - instead with an Apple TV you really want to be using the NOW TV app itself, which will take up a device slot.


The only solution if you are happy for one iPad to be just the controller for your Chromecast rather than also being used to watch NOW TV in it's own right is to remove the iPad from your list of devices, add your iPhone (you may need to ask if you can have a reset of your device list if you've already exceeded your allowed changes) and then your list will consist of one iPad, one iPhone, Chromecast and Apple TV.


That way there is no danger of content accidentally being played on the second iPad.

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Thanks.  I will have to contact customer services to free up the iPad and then just use either Chromecast or AppleTV for viewing NowTV.