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Disgusted by lies told by customer service about Apple TV

I've been online with tier 2 Now TV support talking about the need for an update to the Now TV Apple TV app. Instead of answering any of my questions about updates, they kept trying to suggest the problem was my end, that I wasn't on the latest version. They even said, and I quote, “we have been regularly updating the app for Apple TV”. This is an outright lie. It is shameless. Not once did they try and answer the question. Instead they kept trying to talk about something else. They kept trying to get me to talk about the bugs they already know about and refused to discuss fixing any of these bugs which have been around for close to a year. I'm disguested by this treatment. I disappointed that they refuse to update an app through which they are taking plenty of my money month-by-month.

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This doesn't surprise me. The Now TV staffers who rarely post on here usually lie or obfuscate as well. I guess the truth, that the Apple TV Now TV app will never be updated is a rather inconvenient fact. It's all rather pathetic and illogical, but this is sadly the situation. 


Sky's strategy with Now TV is an odd one. Netflix and Amazon are everywhere (except for the bizarre omission of Amazon on the Apple TV of course), no doubt because both of those companies are fully invested in streaming as they see it as the future of television. Sky still have a legacy satellite product to sell, so treat Now TV as the unwanted ugly step child, denying it good picture and sound quality and greatly limiting which platforms get Now TV apps.  This will have to change eventually, once the satellite market is on its last legs, but until then Netflix and Amazon will entrench themselves as the go to places for entertainment.