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Device Limit Reached



I have just come across this "Device limit reached" message and was quite shocked.

I have only 2x apple tv devices and 1x X-box but because I had to do a hard factory 

reset on the apple tv, it now shows that I have registered 3x apple tv's but I haven't.

so now I am paying money every month to yourselves, and can't watch anything on

the entertainment pack. surely I could have no limit to what I watch, just the amount

of devices I have registered ?


Can you please assist. ?

Legend 5
Legend 5

@Anonymous User Have a word on live chat and explain what happened. They may reset it for you:

Scroll to the bottom where it says contact us and from there click live chat.

I am not staff, I am a customer that likes to help,
so please click the Thank You/Thumbs Up button if I helped you out and maybe even accept it as a solution? 🙂