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Audio/video sync issue on Comedy Central catch-up on ATV3

Sorry for the long title!


I have NOW TV entertainment pass that I use on few different devices, and on my third-generation Apple TV box I've noticed that when I'm using the catch-up service to watch Comedy Central programmes, the audio and video aren't quite in sync.


I've tested with a few programmes and the problem is at its worst on the new Impractical Jokers: Jokers Wild show. The video is slightly ahead of the audio and it's very noticeable. There seems to be a slight difference on some other CC programmes but I can't be absolutely sure. It is, however, very evident on Jokers Wild.


The catch-up services from Sky One etc all work fine, and when I use NOW TV on my Roku stick it's also OK on Jokers Wild and other CC programmes, but on the Apple TV it's a problem.


Has anyone else encountered this at all?

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Hi @Anonymous User


I will raise this to our teams to look into.


Thanks for raising it to us.




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Just thought I'd update on this one - exactly the same problem with last night's episode. I haven't checked last week's episode yet.