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Apple TV 4th Gen Support



The reason I am asking here about your support is I believe You are ignoring your customers in the other Apple TV support topic.


i would like to ask for an honest answer to where you ever plan to update the current Apple TV 4th gen app. Also can we please be given a honest time frame please.


This is currently important to us as customers of now to and I do believe you are  falsely  advertising the fact you have support for the current Apple TV. I believe to current app only offer a reduced level of usability and that we have more problem than other do on your own boxs.


I look forward to reading your reply and hope it will be in the form of Apple users getting a new app and we can then offer positive reviews on our usage of now to services.


Thank you



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Re: Apple TV 4th Gen Support

Couldn't agree more. It's ridiculous how long this has been a problem, given the 3rd Gen Apple TV works fine. Just infuriating, and the responses to complaints have simply stopped. The ios apps are updated all the time. It's just poor.

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Re: Apple TV 4th Gen Support

Now that Amazon will be coming to Apple TV later this summer, it's another popular content provider that will drive even more people away from Now TV and its poor interface and experience. As you said, Now TV have even stopped responding to complaints and/or requests for updates. They simply don't care about their Apple TV users, so we should all stop giving them our money for a vastly inferior product. I cancelled months ago.

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Re: Apple TV 4th Gen Support

Well put. I think the avoidance of any response by Now TV has left no other option than speaking to OFCOM regarding false advertising of the Apple TV 4 being a supported device.

I encourage all who feel strongly to do the same.
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Re: Apple TV 4th Gen Support

Sadly this will be yet another TV 4th Gen thread that NOW TV will ignore. Just like all the others have been since the device was launched... Smiley Sad

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