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Resolved! problem wont let me watch on my nexus 7

Message when trying to access now TV on my nexus 7 says I have already used my monthly allowance for adding devices to my account! I have had this device added to my account for months and now it won't let me use it!

Connecting... issue

On my Samsumg Galaxy Tab 3 whenever I try to play something I get a black screen and the "connecting..." buffering icon, but the program doesn't load. When I try and press the play key nothing happens either. I have tried a fresh install of the app b...

App not signing me in! Help

Your app is diving me insane! Been watching for months now I can't log in to the app...though i can log in to online nowtv with same login detail's without a problem.Loads of people having the same issue!I've reset passwords, rebooted router and tabl...

Can't log in to app on my nexus 7

I can log in to the site but not to the app. It keeps saying I've entered the incorrect details. I ve follows advice on here to clean the cache, reinstall the Now TV app but still it won't let me in. It's quite frustrating.

Resolved! need help new user

Signed up for now TV ,using hudl 2 ,works fine,on box sets I've tried using Chromecast. But how can I watch live TV ,ive paid for an  entertainment pass .had email from sky to get the sky go app ,but can't watch ie AtlanticCan anyone help 

Picture quality on Android device

Recently bought the Nexus 6P. The phone has a higher resolution than 1080p. I was just wondering what resolution the shows are in. They don't seem to be 1080p and obviously there's no option to enable it.I did ask this on Twitter a couple of times bu...

Resolved! Signing into app

I can sign in fine on a web browser but when I try to log into the Now Tv app is says my details aren't recognised.I have changed my password for Now TV by opening my account in a web browser so it's the correct sign in details.I would love to catch ...

Now TV stopped working on my Hudl

Im beginning to get cross. Nowtv wasn't working on my hudl, now the app won't recognise my sign in credentials. How can this be fixed?

login details incorrect

Been logged out and now cant sign back in on my tablet.. but can on my phone! Is there a fault