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Amazon Fire TV

Please please please think about an app for the Amazon Fire TV. I hope I get some support by some other users, who are desperately waiting for this! Please get on board this post! Thanks!

Resolved! Chromecast and Registered Devices

HiIf I'm casting Now TV to Chromecast from an android phone, does it mean both the Chromecast and phone have to be registered?Thanks

says phone modify and wont play

Hi tried to watch on my phone but kept getting message that it has a modification so I checked that it wasn't rooted which it wasn't now stuck as what it could be any help would be appreciated the phone is a cubot p7 running on android thanks.

Username and password problems on my android phone

I have been asked to reset my password and I have done this several times, everytime it says that it has been successful, then when I go to Now TV to watch something it says that my details are incorrect. I am finding this very frustrating. "HELP"I d...

adding a new voucher

when am I able to add a new voucher? I have 5 days left and I'm not able to add my voucher yet. Will it give me the option in 5 days? As I don't want to pay via direct debit as I have a voucher which I have already paid for

Not connecting

 I have a Samsumg Galaxy Tab Pro running 4.4.2. Whenever I try to pllay a programme I get a black screen and the "connecting..." buffering icon, but the programme doesn't load. When I try and press the play key nothing happens either. I have tried a ...

Network connectivity issue

Trying to connect via. Nook (android)Every time I want to watch something I get 'network connectivity issue please try again' - has been about 10 days now. Same happened in the summer for a week.Ipad - my username & password are not recognisedOnly wo...

Login details incorrect

So I'm having same issue as others. Logged me out of my devices and keeps saying details incorrect, even though I change my password it does nothing....Been like it for couple of days now. Guess that's how long I'll wait for it to be resolved too!!

login details incorrect

Yet again ive been logged out and now its saying my details are incorrect. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled the app, cleared the cache and changed password and nothing. Not even able to log in on another android device on the app but i can on the webs...

Annoying sapinning icon

As you don't support Android TV I have tried your casting to my Nexus Player.  I get an annoying spinning icon in the middle of the screen all of the time from your app which I don't get with any other casting app.  Please reset my account device reg...