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Poor Colour Compression On Large Devices

I've just recently got a Pixel C and started watching NowTV on the 10" screen rather than the TV but I can see some distortion in the colours which I've managed to get a photo of (screenshots are disabled). It's most obvious in the top left corner in...

Kumnaa by Scholar
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Keeps telling me there's a connectivity problem

Hi I have been watching now TV for 2 month now and yesterday it just keeps saying there s a connectivity problem try againI looked fro help and was advised to update the app which I did and to sign out and sign back in well i signed out,but now it wo...

Android app on tablet won't recognise username and password

I have tried logging in on other devices and my ussername and password are correct, I also still have one device available to still be added, but each time I try to log in on the app on my tablet it says (2001) username and password are not recognise...

Extremely frustrated.. Max'd devices and changes

Ever since now TV was down 2 months ago my account has not worked on any of my devices, I have iPhone PS3 now TV box but won't work on anything, everything worked perfectly until now TV went Down we needed to log out and back in again,Can someone ple...

Sound but No Picture

Hi I have an Archos 90b Neon 9 inch tablet. I installed the now tv app fine and it lets me select what I would like to watch. When playing there is sound but no picture. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

andriod phone and chromcast

Hey all, I really need some help I've got an android tab with the now tv app on it and it's registered with now tv. I'm using the newest chromcast on the same internet WiFi modem and I'm getting a error message saying all ready used up your devices.C...

android app

Does anybody know when the android app will be available for Republic of Ireland customers?

having trouble sertting up black now tv box

I have connected the black box to tv and set up wi-fi signal etc. It then updated and re-started. Then a screen came up asking for me to accept License Agreement and no button on the remote will connect to it and I am stuck on that screen. What shoul...


I've bought one today. All fine, my android device plays,every other app on my tv no problem but not Now Tv. Its saying that its unable to stream hdmi from Android to tv. ???? Confused