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How to get now tv app on my Amazon Fire box.

Hi I've downloaded the rd explorer app. But the only link I can find is the main now tv internet page. Does anyone know the full web browser address for the actual app? Then I believe I can add it manually.

Errorcode 0x23

Andriod tablet galaxy e9  worked fine 4 days ago purchased week pass now (Errorcode:0×23)  tried reinstall ,device is not rooted, I have a vpn tried uninstalling this stillThe same error I can not see what has changed in the past couple of days for i...


anyone knows what it means? please help

Error 80

I have now tv app on my Samsung tablet and everytime i try to watch tv it doesn't play and says error 80 this has been going on for a few days and is starting to seriously annoy me! Has any experienced this and or know how to stop it? Thanks!

Application wont let me in

Hi when i log in to the application on my smartphone it says long in details not correct when they are and i have got a 24 hours sports pack that i won and i can not use it because i can not log into it 0n my smartphone

Now TV app won't play - error6

Hi,Recently signed up to the entertainment trial and can't get the app to play on my android tablet - it merely says 'something has gone wrong error:6'. Nexus 7 tablet using android version 6.0.1 updated today now TV version4.7.2 I've already deleted...

HDMI Error

Sometimes when I watch NowTV on Android it randomly says "Sorry, we don't HDMI streaming from mobile devices" the problem is I am not trying to HDMI stream from my mobile device.

NOW TV is Confused

Just got the new Vodafone Smart Ultra 7 phone with the lovely option of having the NOW TV Entertainment pack added into my deal. Only problem is every time I go to watch anything on my phone the same message keeps popping up.' Sorry we don't support ...

Accepting T's nd C's

I have created an account but must not have accepted the terms and conditions.  It just keep sending me round in circles and asking me to create an account. How do I fix this?

Resolved! Can't cast to Nexus Player

I've just purchased a Nexus Player and was disappointed to find no NowTV app for it, but no matter as I'm used to casting it from my phone.  However, the cast icon is greyed out in the Android app. I've done the obvious things like reboot the device ...