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Can't use app on mobile whilst abroad

Desperately trying to watch Game of Thrones whilst on holiday in Asia. UK user. Just kerp getting done things not right try again in a moment. Works fine in uk. All other internet is working ok using hotel wi fi. Please help asap.

Now TV App on Samsung galaxy s7 edge

I subscribed to Now TV yesterday and downloaded the app on Samsung galaxy s7 edge. I keep getting "Something's not right. Give it a moment or check..." message. After searching through help and forums, I uninstalled and reinstalled, restarted the dev...

Resolved! Can't buy passes on my Android tablet?

Am I missing something?  Where is the option in the app to buy passes?  All I see is a list of my current passes with no options to buy or cancel. I need to use the browser on my Windows laptop to manage my passes but what if I did not have a laptop ...

Registered device not recognised

I registered my Nexus 9 tablet on 14 November and viewing now tv on is has worked fine until now.  Today it says "You've already used up your monthly allowance for adding new devices on your NOW TV account".   This is not a new device, is already reg...

Resolved! Android hdmi problem

We installed now tv on my sons Xbox and it runs no problem. As it allows 4 users I installed it from google play onto my android Q box. At first it worked okay, but now it says hdmi not supported. Any ideas ?

Cricket noise

I am watching now tv on a Samsung S7 Edge and keep hearing a noise like a cricket. This does not fit in to any help section, anyone else had the same. This is when I am watching Penny Dreadful.

Can't add devices

So i added devices until  my now tv box arrived, now says i can't add more until next month i thought like netflix you can remove and add them so i removed them all and now can't watch it until next month so pretty mad.

Game of thrones fast forward

I keep having a problem where parts of the show randomly skip like 5 seconds. Waiting for time to pass and then skipping back doesnt work. No matter what at that specific time it skips several seconds. Its been like this on every ep of s7 so far. Nee...