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Three things I hate about now tv on android

1: No subtitles.. I have really bad tinnitis, can barely make out speech at times and not having subtitles in this day and age is nothing less than feeble. 


2: Even though we don't get the ads we still get the ad breaks. Couldn't someone PLEASE spend a few minutes to remove them?


3: I usually like to fast forward past the previous bit at the beginning of programs especially when I finished watching it 20 seconds earlier. Unfortunately you can't see the time because it's under where you have to put your finger to move the timeline. Have a look at MX player they have a nifty way of seeking along a timeline just by dragging your finger back and forth along the bottom of the screen.


(Oh and an extra hate... in the contact us section of the website the send us a message button  doesn't work in chrome on android so I couldn't even send my wishlist to the developers of the app.)


It's almost enough for me to cancel.

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Legend 5

@Anonymous User I know what you mean about the ad holders in programs. Not sure why they are left in.
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