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Keeps telling me there's a connectivity problem

Hi I have been watching now TV for 2 month now and yesterday it just keeps saying there s a connectivity problem try again
I looked fro help and was advised to update the app which I did and to sign out and sign back in well i signed out,but now it won't let me sign back in!,keeps displaying the re is a connectivity problem arggghh!!
I am watching on my android mobile and have checked my payment has left the bank ok
Please can someone help me
Thank s in advance kelly 🙂
Anonymous User
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Hi @Anonymous User


Thanks for posting, sorry to hear you've had issues trying to sign in. Can you try and sign in now for me please and it should hopefully allow you in. If you still have issues please re-post and we will look into this further.





Anonymous User
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Sorry didn't see this until this afternoon!
I have now signed in sucsesfully
And all is back to normal!!
Thank you for helping me 🙂