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Anonymous User
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Annoying sapinning icon

As you don't support Android TV I have tried your casting to my Nexus Player.  I get an annoying spinning icon in the middle of the screen all of the time from your app which I don't get with any other casting app.  Please reset my account device registrations so I can purchase a Roku 3 to actually be able to watch what I'm paying for over Christmas.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Anonymous User,


As far as I'm aware we don't fully support the Nexus Player, although as it's an Android device and should work we can't guarantee this as it's not officially listed.


We will take a look at your account and review your device usage. We'll send you an email shortly.






Anonymous User
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No you don't support the Nexus Player which is why I was using Chromecast fomrom my Nexus 5. As it was unusable due to a spinning icon (which no other chromecast app displays) I wanted the Chromecast entry removed and this months device registration reset (artificial limit which services such as Netflix don't have). This appears to have been done.