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Wont take payment

Hello everyone! I recently joined Now Tv Broadband but I seem to be having issues. My first month, money was taken via direct debit. I unfortunately broke my card in a dumb-dumb moment and got a new one, and so I updated my details for all my bills. All my other bills come out fine. However, for the last 2 billing months the direct debit hasn't been attempted. I received an email to say that if I do not pay within 10 days my contract will be cancelled. I am able to pay this and always have money in my bank to pay bills.

I have double checked and all the details are right. Any ideas what's going on?  

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Hi @Mper1 

Give the NOW Broadband Team a call for them to sort out your account. 


I hadn't realised until someone pointed it out, but Now don't use direct debits, they use a different method which relies on the card, so If yours has been replaced the details they now have are probably out of date. (it's probably just the 3 numbers on the back, the CVV — or Card Verification Value)

Best to give them a call.