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Using all my data

Hi I’m new to nowtv and we took out a deal with Three for our internet it’s called Homefi so you don’t need a phone line we get 100GB Data each month but recently we have used this up in 2 weeks which has baffled me as we only watch Now tv for football matches (not all of them) and films (not that many) does anyone know if this sounds right? I’m currently talking to three to try and get to the bottom of it.
Thank tou
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Welcome to the forum. NOW TV use adaptive bitrate management when streaming, and most devices will try to draw as much data as your connection allows to get the best picture possible (up to 720p)  which will result in anything up to around a couple of GB of data each hour if you have a good 3G/4G connection on your Homefi. Unless you have unlimited mobile data you're probably going to find this uses up your data allowance very quickly and could end up costing you a lot in data charges.

Unfortunately NOW TV doesn't have any options to reduce data usage or select 'mobile' data streams so it may well be that you need to consider restricting NOW TV use. 

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It does have an option (cancel subscription) until these companies offering entertainment and the data options without a phone line can work together to offer a good service to its customers absolute joke! 

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Ok so this is probably going to sound bonkers but I THINK that I've found a way to cut data usage from a mobile hotspot by up to half.

I could do with someone else trying it.

I use an Amazon firestick lite but I imagine that the standard firestick is similar in that you can check the mobile hotspot connection in settings/network.

Anyway, I've noticed that if the phone is as far away from the firestick as possible (for me approximately 10 feet with a solid wall between) the signal quality drops from "very good" to "marginal."

The streaming quality drops.

Ive tried this twice on episodes that previously took about 1.2gb per episode.

Test one: 866mb.

Test two: 620mb.


I could do with someone else trying it.

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Thank you for your help! I think I may try and cancel three and get unlimited.

If your using data provided by a mobile telephone network to either watch directly or tethering U can also select in your phone settings 2g or 3g preferred network. This option will only benefit if the 2g & 3g signal is strong enough in your area of viewing.. Go to your phone settings & search for Data settings & then change your preferred network.. 2g & 3g use less data, but are slower so try it out if U want.. Remember to change it back after watching to the 5g/4g setting.. 

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I really don't see how that could be possible. The amount of data required to watch a stream will be the same irrespective of the network. 


I think its safe to say that the 100GB/data limit is unsuitable if you are streaming video for any amount of time