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Two payments taken off my account in same month

My broadband got conected on 27thApril and NOWTV took £20 from my account on 15th May and another £20 on 29thMay why is that?

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Hi @Anonymous User


My Nowtv Broadband Fab Fibre for £20 strangely enough went live on the 27th of April.


Where going to My Account > My Payments on here it states a monthly payment of £20 to be taken on the 27th of each month starting from the first going live date of the 27th of April (which i was expecting).


However when i look at my bank statements there seems to be a time delay between the nowtv due payment date on their automotive system and the money actually taken from my bank account (only noticed this today when checking my bank statements).


For me the April 27th due date was taken from my bank account around the 5th of May (maybe due to the bank hoilday period in my case, but thought that a computerised system doesn't take holidays) and the May 27th due date was taken from my bank account on the  29th of May (the same date like you).


Was going to leave it another month to see if there was a payment pattern occurring with regards to the broadband, where i have noticed that my nowtv passes payments always seems to be 2 days after the due date shown on the My Account > My Payment section of my nowtv account.


You could always contact the nowtv broadband team to raise this question, where there should be a telephone helpline number under My Account > Track My Order and click on the drop down arrow to expand for further information.