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Two Accounts on One Bill

Hi Does anybody know if its possible to have two seperate accounts on a single bill? I have a now TV Combo package at my own home address but would like to have the same package installed at my partners home address and make monthly payments through my original account registered to my address.

Hope that makes sense.




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Andy Legend 5
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Re: Two Accounts on One Bill



Welcome to the forum. No it's not possible to have two broadband installations on the same account. It may be possible to use your payment card on your partner's account but I'm not sure you'd be able to do this on application as the card is used to verify identity. It may be easier for your partner to apply on their card and you to give them the money, but if you are keen for payment to be made on your card you could always give the broadband team a call and enquire about using a card with a different billing address to the installation address.


You can find the telephone number for the Broadband Team by going to your My Account > My Package page

and click the Moving Home section.

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