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Trying to set up super fibre but..



 I've been for the last 4 days trying to get Super Fibre broadband. It showed up on the set up process, selected all options I wanted, says it will be activated 5th March - but when I came to pay £5 for the delivery I get the wording in effect of "oops, hit a snag please try again" tried it twice, it will wouldn't let me. So I left it for 30 minutes-ish and tried again, nothing happening. So I went back to beginning now only Brilliant Broadband is available, the Fab Fibre and Super Fibre comes up as Not Available?! 


Yes I know there might be a phone number to contact, but unfortunately I'm deaf (so's my partner) we rely on email/online/message. 


I tried Live Chat no agent available.. Tried messenging them via facebook, nada - not even looked. Tried emailing.. nada. 


Not very deaf friendly is it? We want to move from current provider before the bill go out. sadly time is running out and I'm not sure if I want BB from NowTV if it's hard to get hold of them. 


Sorry it's a bit of an essay.. So anyone can advise/help me please? 



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Re: Trying to set up super fibre but..


You can drop them an email using the address in the below picture.

Hopefully you can get it sorted! 


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