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Trying to cancel subscription

 I might be being a bit daft here but I cannot find a cancel button on my Passes and vouchers page, I just need to cancel for a few months, don't want to close my account completetly


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schnapps Legend 5
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Re: Trying to cancel subscription

Hi @Larunnon 


I am assuming it's either an entertainment, cinema, kids, hayu or month sports pass that you wish to cancel and not a day or week sports pass which don't auto renew and there is no cancel option under your My Account > Passes & Vouchers section whilst logged in on here ?


Is your pass due to be paid in the next 24 hours then NowTV will suspend the cancel button on the pass whilst the system is collecting the money on your account (usually the cancel button is greyed out)


Would it be possible that you have more than one account, if so go to the Bills & Payments section on here to see if there has been any recent activity of passes purchased.


If there is no sign of any active passes on your account, check the email address or username used under the My Account section of the NowTV App on all your playback devices to see if they all match up.

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