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Service cancellation notification

I have cancel the service 1 week ago, and today I received notification saying that my package was on the way!! I called again to cancel the service.
Why dont i recive the cancellation confirmation ??
Should I be worried!!
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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


See if there is anything contained in this article that can help.


If you click on the green drop down arrows it expands the sub section information.


Where under one topic section if you are cancelling without changing to another provider, there is an email address where you can contact them.


Otherwise maybe try their live chat service and save the chat discussion or ask them for a reference number for your records.

Anonymous User
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The same thing has happened to me. I rang a week ago and spoke to a call handler who assured me she had cancelled my order. No confirmation email arrived, just further emails to say my order was on its way. I did a live chat on Saturday to find my order had not been cancelled following the first call so the live chat person cancelled it. Straight away I received another email stating my kit was on its way. I rang again and they said my cancellation is pending. Now I have received a Royal Mail email to say they have received my kit and will be delivering it tomorrow! I am furious! If they think I am paying to send it back they can think again.