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Renewing contract

Hi my contract for my broadband is due to run out in 10 days, I have had a email to say I can renew my contract for £38 a month but I can't find where to do it, can somebody please help thank you 

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Hi @Anonymous User 


You can't renew the Broadband contract yourself online, where you need to phone the NowTV Broadband Team.


On your email there should be a Basket Reference number plus a 03337 telephone number to call.


If you can't see the telephone number go to My Account > Message Centre whilst logged in on here with your NowTV Broadband sign in details (expect a long waiting time to get through to them).

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Thank you so much, I didn't see the number in the email at first just called and got straight through and sorted it. Thank you very much for your help

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I'm new to this so apologies to Becky for digressing on this post.  Having just just renewed my 12 month contract (at a higher price of course!) I  imagined that the contract would just roll on from the expiry date.  It doesn't.  You are presented with a new contract from the date of renewal which in this case is almost a month earlier.  So in essence, if you want to be efficient and sort these things out in plenty of time your original contract is short changed by a month.  I have tried every which way to request that the original contract is simply rolled on albeit at the higher price but have hit a brick wall.

I have even tried on-line to press the complaints button but it transfers me to a page which wittily tells me that 'like unicorns this page doesn't exist!'  Lets hope that their customers don't follow suit!  Surely the simple solution is to renew the contract from the expiry date but no I'm told it can't be done.  Has anyone else come across this problem please?


They want £20pm more from me,guess I had a deal or call them for a reduction. So I waited for ten minutes, got an Indian lady with lots of background noise,I couldn’t remember the Now password or end of card number and the reference number was no good to her….really?

I’ve tried calling back armed with everything that they already have only to be told there’s a twenty minute wait 🫣