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Refund needed.

Refund needed.


Yo, I just realized I had a -9.05 EUR on my account without my permmision. I want a refund for this pass as I won't use it :). Where is Live Chat by the way?

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Re: Refund needed.

Hear! Hear!


I'm getting a similar issue - I want to cancel a pass we're not using but getting


"This is taking too long...

NOW TV might be too busy or unavailable at the moment...." 
And all I can find is a load of incorrect suggestions ("clear your cache", "re-set your router" etc) from other customers, not even NowTv staff members.  For the record I've tried this in Mac Chrome, Mac Opera, and on my iPhone.  My partner is able to access the passes page on HIS account, using the same router!
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