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Problem with switchover to NowTV Combo when there are two lines to the house (Home and Business)

Has anyone else had problems trying to switch to NowTV when they have two lines running into the house?  My experience has been awful so far and has taken a huge amount of time on the phone to NowTV and existing providers.  I have one for my business and another for residential use.  I know this isn't going to be everyone's setup, but it can't be completely unheard of either surely?


I tried to do this in November last year (Black Friday deal, which was a good one), it all seemed to go well and I had a letter from TalkTalk saying that NowTV was taking over my line on the same date that NowTV had advised.


A few days later I got a call from the business line provider to ask whether I had requested that this line be taken over (the line was still in contract and so there would have been penalties also).  I told them no, and that the only line I had requested to be taken over was the residential one.  I assumed that this would only put a stop to the business line takeover (the business provider has no control/say over the residential line).


I then later got a letter from TalkTalk to say 'Thanks for staying with us'.  I contacted NowTV and they said that the switchover had indeed been cancelled, but that they could submit the order in a different way to ensure that it didn't happen again (I believe it was done in the same way as a house move).  This order also failed.  I had no contact from either home or business line provider this time even though NowTV had given me a switch date.  Around the switch date I was told by NowTV that there was a problem with my order and to contact them.  On contacting NowTV, they said that I would need to talk to the home line provider to resolve it.


I have been massively busy with my work and so I only recently had a chance to spend the time talking to TalkTalk.  They said that they had only received the order from November (with go-live in December) and that they'd raised no objection to it, that the line switch had been cancelled at the other end.  They confirmed that they'd received no attempt to cancel/take-over the line for the order due to go live in January.


So today I contacted NowTV again in the hope of retrying, but this time, if I got a notification from the business provider, I would contact NowTV and see if they could fix it their end.  They should only be taking one line after all and even if they had to contact OpenReach, surely it could be resolved.  NowTV must have been behind the attempt to take over both lines rather than one given that home and residential providers have no control over each other's lines.  The person I spoke to said that they couldn't deal with cases where there are two lines to a house and that they couldn't help.


Is it me or is this ridiculous?  I am on the verge of giving up (with NowTV at least), but it was a good deal and I do use the TV side of NowTV so it would be good if I could resolve it.


Anyhow if you have experience of successfully doing this and you had to jump through any hoops to make it work, I'd be grateful if you could point out which ones I need to jump through! 🙂




Hi. I went active with now in January and my previous provider is still billing me. They claim they haven't received a line take over request. and now tell me its a new line application although on application I asked to retain my number. Meanwhile I'm being billed by both providers 

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@Glenlyn You will need to cancel your service with your previous provider. If NOW did not take on the old number then that previous account will still be active. If you want to complain to NOW about this call 0800 759 1213.


Quote from NOW....    "If you're joking now from talktalk you won't need to cancel with them or let them know you are leaving - we'll take care of everything"

NOW have not notified talktalk and it will take 30 days to cancel. That's £150 since January for a service I am not using, all because NOW have not noticed them of a line takeover.   I want NOW to reimburse my loss

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You’ve posted in a thread that’s 4+ years old and the user is long gone from the community. 
Staff won’t reply to your post, even if they do they’ll tell you to call the broadband team. So all you can do is call the broadband team in the morning until you come to a resolution you’re happy with.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

I have spent 2 hrs on the phone today and past from person to person and finally disconnected.  When I applied I asked to retain my number and NOW have not done as they agreed. I need someone to take charge of the situation and provide me with a decent level of customer service which is currently a joke 

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Well then all you can do is raise a formal complaint I'm afraid:


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@Glenlyn wrote:

That's £150 since January for a service I am not using, 

That's an awfully high amount for 3 month service.

So have you got a new number on Now?

Were you on FTTC or FTTP with TalkTalk?

If on FTTC, TalkTalk should have been aware as Openreach would have needed to disconnect you from them to connect you to Now.

Did you receive any "sorry you are leaving" emails from TalkTalk?


It's out of contract so it's £48 a month

No it's my existing number.

The call centre first said it was an automated error, then mplied it was my fault during online order process and new line but they could not substantiate it.  I maintain that my application was to retain my number which it has.   

They maintain bt openreach approved the application and to take it up with talk talk.  Its not talk talks fault.  Now have not done what they agreed to.

Talktalk no nothing about it

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You could still reach out to TalkTalk. Whilst they are not at fault as you say they may sympathise with your case, especially if they can check and see there has been no activity on your connection since you started with NOW. Try posting on the Billing section of their community, you have nothing to lose. But equally, persist with the complaint to NOW.