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Price doubled

I have been with now tv for 3 years at £22. All of a sudden the past 2 months you have charged me £40 without notifying me! This is not ok. They also make it impossible to find the correct phone number. What's going on?

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In theory you should have received an email telling you your deal is coming to an end, however if you were out of contract this may not happen .

 You will have at some point received an email telling you that your 12 month contract is up with a few "offers"  probably about 10-11 months after you signed up

This typically contains some "options" the first listed will be a 12 month"deal" that will be more than you were paying possibly followed by another "deal" that again will cost more but offer less, and underneath, almost hidden a do nothing option to keep what you have for the same price as you were paying to start with, with an expiry date, something like





This includes discounts totalling £xx.00 a month. Your first discount will expire on  DATE."

This happened to me was paying £23 a month for broadband with All inclusive calls which was free with broadband package they have now taken all inclusive calls off deal you have to pay for them now if your out of contract 

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Did your email not say, do nothing and you will continue at your current price? (Presumably including calls)

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For me this email came from Now <[email removed]> and went to the same email address i used to sign up with Now Broadband

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The phone number to call is on almost every broadband thread on the forum. However the lines are closed now as they operate 8am-8pm.

See link below for the number.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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You will/may be looking at trying to get a deal out of them .

 1st step is to see how much they (now) are charging new customers , and compare this to the current (£40?) price.

 Next see what the competition for Now broadband are offering - ive found in the past when dealing with ISPs to write these prices down - these need to be the ISPs prices and not via a third party sign up site, and see if they ( now) will price match.

 If they refuse to budge, then mention the cost of living crisis etc, and then if they still wont budge give it a few days then move to a better deal elsewhere

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If you don't get the deal you want right away, say you will think about it and call back a least a couple of times, as some agents are given more leeway on what they can offer. Make sure you are speaking to retentions. (or whatever they may call it)

It took 3 calls to my current ISP (Vodafone) before I got an acceptable offer.

Try to sound as positive as possible, they are doing a pretty boring job, so a friendly approach can work wonders.