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Payment method not updated


I have trouble updating my payment details for the broadband, everytime I go on my update payment method section, it is only for TV passes and not the wifi. How do I change it for my wifi if it is not present on my account?

thank you everyone

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Legend 5

Hi @Anonymous User 


Could it be possible you have two different NowTV login accounts (one for TV Passes and another separate account for NowTV Broadband ?).


When you go to My Account > Manage Account > Broadband & Calls either Messages or Orders & Appointments section is there any indication of your NowTV Broadband details ?


I have only one Bank Card details on my single NowTV account which covers both TV Passes & Broadband.


Should you be going around in circles phone the NowTV Broadband Team (using the telephone number on the link page below). 


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hi @schnapps 

Thanks for the reply but I do not even have a Nowtv tv pass, I only use it for wifi.

I see no indications sadly

might have to call them

thank you!