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Payment Issue

I received an email informing me that NowTV haven’t been able to take money from my account. My bank card got stopped and reissued due to fraud. I updated my payment details with new information. Can you check if this resolves the payment issue?

I am aboard and struggling to make a call to the 03303 323 050 number provided in your email.

I tried contacting you via Twitter but they are unable to check account details through that channel. They have not provided alternative telephone number or email address when requested.

I’ve sent a message to NowTV via the FAQ contact us form but have yet to receive a response.

I’d like to ensure my payment reaches you successfully. The payment due date is 3 Dec.

I have tried to contact you on as many communication channels that I have been able to find. Quite frankly, I feel I have done due diligence on my part - so please do not cancel my broadband.

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