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On 26th June I renewed my broadband contract over the phone and have written confirmation that I should be paying £22 per month for 12 months. On 30th June I was charged £33.50 and after checking my account I can see there is an upcoming payment of £38.50 coming up.

I'm being overcharged. I have tried to contact NOW over the phone but going through the options I eventually get to a point where I must speak my postcode, which I do, I'm then told that my postcode is not associated with this account. The net result is that I don't get through to talk to a person.

All I want is to be refunded the overpayment and to be assured that the agreed contract from 26th June will be put in to place from now on. Please can someone either respond on here or inform me how I can talk to an employee of NOW about this?

Thank you.

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@Gavin1 make a complaint using the number in the link below.

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It sounds a bit like your original contract has come to an end, and so the prices increase, and for some reason the new contract isn't in place.

What number are you calling Now on? Is it the one in this link:

But yes, as @Saint1976 says, raise an official complaint as well as calling them.