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Orders and appointment page

I have a broadband order pending, however, when I log into my account, the 'Orders and Appointment' does not work. Therefore, I cannot track my order. The page appears with just the heading at the top saying NOWTV but below that is just a blank page. I have tried signing out many times and I have also used other browsers, however this still does not seem to help.

Has anyone had a similar problem and managed to sort this out?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


I have the same exact problem, which for me has been on going for about 2 years 😠.


The strange thing is that i can access my Dad & Sister Orders & Appointments section on their accounts with my various internet devices, but my own account is blank with the same symptoms you have reported above.


The only thing i can suggest is to contact NowTV via the various communication methods on the link below to make them aware of it and see if they know how to fix it or if they can give you an update of your Order Status of your Broadband date.