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Order placed due to error was cancelled after paying the delivery fee.



I Placed an order and paid the delivery fee after waiting for 2 weeks found that order wasn't being progressed so I called which was a wait time over an hour to be told by agent there was an error so order cannot be completed so I had to cancel as I work from home and could not have loss of Internet access, I was told I would be emailed of cancellation this did not happen so waited a few more days same status online called again same thins no email sent. So not only is the order on my account stuck at first stage I have no idea when I will receive my refund, I know it may only be £5 to you but its the principal you took the money instantly thus should at least try and return in in a reasonable time frame. This has forced me to stay with my previous ISP luckily I was able to negotiate a price but had to be at a longer term than I wanted.


Can someone please check what is going on.

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