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Now broadband not working

Just looking for some advice and wondering if anyone has or is suffering with on going issues 

My broadband was supposed to go live last Monday 26th Feb. Plugged the router in, didn't work on the live date. Called NOWtv the next day who trouble shooted over the phone after I sent them pictures. They then advised me an engineer needs to attend my property. I took the day off un paid 4 days after it was supposed to go live, an engineer was supposed to be attending 8-1. 

I heard absolutely nothing all morning so I phoned up at 1 to be told I needed to be patient and someone will text me when they are en route. Still nothing at half 3 so I phoned again and was told I needed to wait until 6pm before I could do anything about it. Got to 6, no sign of any nessage or engineer. So I phoned up for them to tell me BT openreach didn't accept the job, that they aren't sure why and that my router brosdband issue then needed to be escalated to the network team before they can re book an engineer. I was told the network team will take 72 hours to get back to me. 

72 hours passed and I had heard nothing so I phoned up on Monday 1 week after my broaband should have gone live, was asked to send more pictures and then they booked an engineer in. They were supposed to attend again today so partner took the afternoon off work, un paid. 


Just phoned now tv now at 1pm because I hadn't heard anything from BT open reach for now tv to tell me that the job has been rejected because it is invalid but the person I spoke to couldn't tell me what that even means. 

I have now been told that I need to send even more pictures!! And it needs to be re escalated to the net working team and I have to wait ANOTHER 82 hours before they can book an engineer in next week. 


Has anyone else had this issue?! I'm currently paying for a service I can't use and between my partner and I we have taken a day and a half off unpaid with no communication from now tv or open reach 

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Have you have had broadband at the property before?

Are you connected to the master socket, with the filter if necessary?



@Jayach we have just moved in but the previous tenant had broadband but unsure who their provider was and aren't able to find out. We have tried it both with and without the filter but doesn't work either way 

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How were you able to try without the filter, the cable shouldn't fit unless you have a pre-filtered socket.

This BT page should help explain the different master sockets.

What type of primary socket have I got? | BT Help

Edit: Do you get a dial tone if you connect a phone to the socket?