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Now Broadband internet still not connected after 12 midnight

Hey, I'm new to now Internet. But I've had sky for years with no problem. Recently moved house and now provided a better deal than sky so I did the switch. Been without Internet for two weeks in the new place. Now was scheduled to go live today Monday* 23rd. Was told an engineer was mean to come out at 8am 23rd. Booked the day off work so I could meet said engineer.  Former landlords told me the lines In the house are not great and they got virgin lines and haven't used bt lines now for years. I informed now that it would be smart to have the engineer out and all seemed good. After waiting for my scheduled visit between 8am and 1pm I found out that the engineer deemed it not important to come out after I spoke to now on the phone. No communication or anything so I skipped a day off work for nothing. On top of that they assured my my Internet would be up and running by 12am latest. I explained I highly doubt it because of the limes but they assured me the lines were fine. Its now the next day and I still have no Internet. Checked multiple sockets. Nothing. Very disappointed in my experience so far.



Does anyone have any advice as to why I still have no Internet. 



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All I can say is that NOW fully rely on OpenReach. So even though you’re just moving providers it’s still classed as a new connection, which could be causing them some headaches.

If it is any help you should be entitled to some compensation when your fully up and running.

Just keep calling the broadband team and hopefully you’ll be connected to the world or internet again soon! 

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help
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As you are new to the house, anything could be wrong with the BT/Openreach wiring, especially if the previous people had Virgin.

Does your Now account show the broadband should be up and running?

If it does report it to Now. so they can call out Openreach.


@Venny wrote:

Checked multiple sockets. Nothing. 

You should really only be using the master socket, and aren't possibly confusing them with any Virgin sockets.


Have you checked the status of your connection in My Account?