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Not allowed to keep phone number.

Placed order a week ago by phone with no problems...all line checks went through OK.
Awaiting router and noticed monthly price had reduced so I phoned to see if I could get that deal.
Was then told my order had been cancelled because I had wanted to keep my current landline number and "because I'm currently with SKY they will not allow me to keep my number"
Was told that in order to join NOW BB I will need to be allocated a new landline number.
Is this common practice?

Extract from email....

"During our telephone discussion, i confirmed to you that your order for NOW Broadband was rejected and this was due to the fact you wanted to port your landline from SKY to NOW. Out technology does not enable us to port sky number overs to now broadband. "

(I am aware that Now is part of the SKY group)


NOW and Sky are notoriously poor at number porting generally judging from I what I have seen elsewhere. But for that to be the case with switching between each other seems beyond ridiculous. How can they possibly be exempt from Ofcom regulations? 


@Gofer Have a look at this thread. The poster appears to be in the same position as you and had no issues ordering online. You haven't cancelled your Sky service, have you?