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Need to combine accounts

Hi all

I have just changed my broadband providor to Now, but the option to use an existing account did not work. I now have 2 accounts and would preferably like them combined so there is no interruption in service but I also don't get charged more. Any suggestions?

I am suspecting i should just cancel the passes on my initial account (pass only) and add new passes to my new account, but can anyone tell me whether I lose access immediately? Or perhaps it does not matter  as if i add a pass to my new account (even if broadband has not started I just login with that account.

i wish they had the ability to divert calls as most companies have set up by now.

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Re: Need to combine accounts

Hi @Saira 


If you are OK in keeping track and managing two accounts then you will be ok.


I am assuming your original NowTV account was for purely TV passes and you never had any sort of Broadband service on it ?


If that is the case you could keep buying TV passes and adding vouchers on the first account for NowTV TV viewing.


Where i am assuming you created a second account purely for Broadband & Phone and there is no TV passes or TV offers assigned to this second account at the moment ?


The only way i can see of stream lining everything into the one second account is by cancelling all your passes on the first account that has all the TV passes on (make sure you cancel each TV pass fully by following all steps on screen) then once each TV type of passes is cancelled up to its last viewable date on it, then start a new TV pass on the second account.


There be a short time if you have a number of different type TV passes spread across different finishing dates that you might have to log in & out into your playback devices on the two accounts to watch the different TV passes until everything is on the main second account.


Then once all TV passes have been fully cancelled & finished up to its cancelled date on the original account and once the new TV passes are fully up &  runningorun on the second account with the Broadband on it you will then need to only use the second account when watching the TV passes and no need to keep logging in and out of devices.


Not sure any other way of doing it and once everything is all cancelled on the original account and you started all the TV passes on the main Broadband account.


Then once you have reached this date maybe pop over to live chat (if the service is back fully operational) and ask them if they can remove all your details on the dormant original account. 


Hope that makes some sort of sense.



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