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Moving into a flat and they cant find my address

I have recently taken on a pub and have moved into the flat upstairs. There are ports to plug the router in etc so i know the flat has previously had seperate wifi from the pub. 

I have just tried to do the move address process and they are saying that i must have a property number. As a lot of people with any form of common sense will know, a pub is simply the building name.

How can i get round this?

Scholar 2

Hi  @jodie31 

I haven’t ever used NOW’s moving home process before but based on the info on their website I presume you have phoned NOW and it is a call centre handler who has told you that you must have a house number?

As you say I imagine most people are aware a small proportion of properties have a name and no number so clearly the call centre staff haven’t been briefed on how to deal with them.

All NOW should really need to identify the correct property is your Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN). This is what Openreach will use to connect you. Depending on whether your flat above has been registered as a separate address with your local council there could be one UPRN for the whole building or one for the pub and one for the flat. You can search for your UPRN online, here for instance… www . findmyaddress . co . uk / search (remove the spaces).

I assume you have tried plugging a phone into the flat phone socket to confirm it is an entirely separate line and not just an extension of the the pub’s phone line?

Assuming it is a separate line if the flat has its own UPRN it should in theory be quite straightforward to pass that to NOW and get it reactivated. If there is only one UPRN for the whole building it could be a little more complicated as this would be a second line, however I wouldn’t have thought it was insurmountable. Your biggest problem will probably be trying to speak to someone at NOW who actually understands what to do.