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Moved Broadband provider - refund not recieved

I moved broadband to another provider and I am due a partial month refund.

My billing page says this was paid to me on 18th June. I have not yet received this.


My account was always paid each month by recurring payment on my debit card.


Why such a delay to receive this?


Thank you 

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I suspect it is their policy not to pay refunds unless customers enquire. I cancelled in September and was due a refund in early October. On the account it even said that I had been credited, but when I checked my credit card statement the payment hadn’t been made. I called 0330 041 2480 (amazed at how quickly they picked up) and they admitted that the refund hadn’t been paid, but would be credited within 3-5 working days. They couldn’t explain why the credit hadn’t been paid back to me.