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Mobile phone calls

can i block outgoing calls to mobile numbers?

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Hi @Anonymous User 


My understanding is that you can't block out going calls using the NowTV Broadband & Telephone service 😡.


I haven't really looked at this, but see if any phone manufacturers offer a call blocking feature for out going calls (i know Panasonic on some of their models offer call blocking on incoming calls, not sure about out going phone calls can be blocked).


Perhaps Google it.


@schnapps  @Anonymous User 


Hi Schnapps


I guess BoroBoy is having the same problem I used to have, teenagers calling their friends mobiles using the house (land line) phone.  And it costs a small (bankruptcy causing) fortune.


The way I used to handle it is by blocking all outgoing calls except 999 emergencies, and only allow outgoing once a secret code was typed in.  Now, most telecom companies have this facility, as part of their arsenal of facilities, and there is no reason why Now TV should not have this facility too. 


However, there are two problems:


You can never let your teenagers see you making a phone call, they'll memorise the secret code number.


The phone lock code should be different from the unlock one because, if they are the same, they will use "last number" redial to discover your secret code.


Apart from that.



UK Bob