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Missed Payment

I’d really just like to know why no attempt was made on your part to take my payment on the 2nd Feb as per my contract, yet you manage to send me an email telling me it was overdue (which I thought was an error until I checked my bank statement). I wasn’t able to make said overdue payment when I received the email as when I logged in to my Now TV account it said on the payments page it had been paid on 2nd Feb and there was no option to pay what I owed. Needless to say it was all very confusing, ridiculous and unnecessary because you should have just taken the sodding payment on the 2nd Feb as you’re meant to. As my connection dropped today I checked my account via my phone to discover there was now an overdue marker on my account so I’ve paid what was owing and am now reconnected. I’d like to know if you’re planning on pulling this nonsense again with the March payment which is due on the 2nd March?