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Landline Can Receive Cant Make Calls

Noticed earlier this week by chance Mon 7 August 2023 could not make calls but due to other matters unable to fully check things out until Wednesday 9 August called my mobile from my now landline but call divetrd straight to Now....however all the while i could receive any incoming calls and obviously had dial tone so did a few basic checks switch handset (got 3) nope so unplugged line unplugged router after switching off etc waited 10 min router on line on but all checks via app showed green lights broadband and telephone. So called now did the photo of open reach / bt socket etc reported fault now technical team said have i tried x y z YES but to humour performed again (note using my mobile to call now) checks showed nothing so ESCALATED up the chain told wait 72 hours and see if it magically FIXES itself.

Guess what NOPE 

line n bb all green 

BB Fine

Dial tone yes 

Incoming calls yes

Outgoing calls NO

Happens upon an email sent sometime earlier with case ref asking if all ok as id not responded to a previous email about issue

Checked in box n spam back 72 hours nope 

Only email was the automatic how did we do sent Wed 9

So ran over 10  n 11 email nope

Just email with ref asking to getim touch and do online ok.....

Next issue no chat option via app site map search nope

So response to how did we do sent 9 Aug telling them 72 hours NOTHING changed.

Tried to chat online no way to do so tried to call but past closing by now so guess I'll be on phone at 8am to goodness knows when to get someone to send open reach or bt to check exchange or street boxes....whenever they can be bothered.

Rant over 

Sat 12 Aug 8am onward.....

Update when resolution is to be found 


Legend 5
Legend 5


Live chat is for TV memberships only.
Email is for both broadband and TV

Call centre is for broadband.

All I can suggest is persevere with calling the broadband team.

FYI that I do not work for NOW, just a NOW customer trying to help

As well as reporting the issue, I would unscrew the master socket faceplate and put a telephone into the back of the main master socket.  I would try two different phones.  If I did not have two, I would buy a £10 spare, simply to review.  If I continued to have problems after trying it with a new / different phone plugged into the master socket, perseverance with the support team may be required.  However, they may need to report the fault to BT Openreach for further review.

If I only had one phone and did not want to order a spare, I would try my problematic phone (unplug) at a friend or family members home, to see if it was phone related.

I would also wonder if I had some type of call baring activated and preventing me from making a call out.

Also worth running this "Test my line" service at NOWTV -

Good luck.......