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Internet never got activated yet was charged 82£

I am writing to describe what is probably one of the worst customer experiences I have experienced so far and for which I am yet to find a resolution.

I have signed up for Now Tv broadband on the 10th of June for which I have paid straight away 60£ for the activation fee. An engineer was booked to come to my flat to activate my account on the 22nd of June. The engineer arrived on the 22nd and told me that my flat had no right cable connection and that he could not establish a new one from the street since the flat was too high and he didn't have the right equipment. He told me that they would have to book a survey and bring another team in a process that would take probably a month. Since I work from home and need internet for this purpose this was not a suitable scenario.

I called straightway on the 22nd to cancel my account and was told that a request to cancel was submitted and that someone would reach me in 24 hours. In 24 hours my account was charged again 22£ for the membership which was surprising taking into account I requested the cancellation but I was still waiting for a phone call as advised.

One week passed and I received no call so I called again this Tuesday (29th). I was then told my account was not cancelled and that they would cancel it but would have to call again the day after to get my 82£ refund.

I have just called today and was told that I can get my 60£ refunded now but need to way until the 23rd to get my 22£ refunded back and that I would have to call for this. I have spent hours in calls just to get my refund back for a service that I have never used because the company could not provide it

All this situation is a textbook example of poor service and disregard for customers. Since signing up for NowTv I have been charged 82£ even though I have never had internet in my house because the engineer could not install it (the router is still unopen in a box).

I was never called back despite the promises and had to call multiple times just to have the account cancelled. To make matters worst I now have to wait one whole month to get my refund back, with no assurance that it will even happen, even though this is not my fault and I have never had internet in my house.

I regret the day I decided to join Now TV and have little hope to get my money back for a service I have never used. This is unacceptable for a company that prides itself on being customer-centric. I expected much much more and I can say with certainty that I will not recommend NowTV to anyone.