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Impossible to join

So my experience with Now and been extremely frustrating and dissapointing. It started on the initial sales call to join. I was informed at the onset that I would need a new number. OK, no big deal. But then at the end I was informed to call SKY and tell them to cancel my contract. I had been advised by SKY that Now could just transfer the number over? I questioned this with the sales advisor who replied " yes but you are getting a new number so that's not possible" when I replied that's because you told me I had to have a new number, he said OK, calm down ( seriously!) Let me check your number. Then said OK, you can keep this number and won't have to do anything, we will take over the line. If that wasn't bad enough, I then get an email a day later informing me my order was rejected. Then a day later given the reason that a third party informed now the occupier at my property is not moving. Now suggested I contact them and explain that I will need thier line when I move in. Big problem with that seeing as I have lived in the property for 14 years and there is no other occupiers!! What is going on with this company???? What a total waste of energy and time. To go through all that and be left with a cancelled order and no logical explanation!! Maybe a blessing my order didn't go through! 

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@Anonymous User 

@Anonymous User wrote:

Maybe a blessing my order didn't go through! 

I think you are right.

Are you in a area where full fibre is available? (or are you possibly on it with Sky?)

View broadband availability - Ofcom Checker title

That would be the only reason I can think that may have caused your problem.

Edit: Just realised the poster has already left the forum. LOL