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Error trying to order broadband

Hi guys I've literally spent hours today trying to place a broadband order online  (I want to order via a cashback site so cannot order on telephone). I cannot get beyond the select your address page (it just says whoops something has gone wrong try again). I gave up trying to speak to someone after being on hold 56 minutes (I incur phone costs after an hour with my current provider). Spent a further 40 minutes on live chat they tried entering my details and got same error message - the person said maybe it was a website error and to try again in 24 hours - I'm not convinced everyone having same issue as I'm sure a not working message would have gone up by now. I've tried several browsers all the same error. So I'm stuck it's not financially viable to move without the cash back but I need to move away from current providers for which speeds are terrible (1.67mps) - current provider only giving me a short time to move without incuring termination fees. Can anyone help please? Do now tv read the community questions? Thank you

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Re: Error trying to order broadband

I would try getting your current provider to fix the issue, if it’s a line problem then changing isp won’t make any difference the fault will still be there as it’s up to openreach to fix the line.

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