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Engineer not completed work , Nobody is helping me!

Hi Please Help

I recently signed up to NOW Tv Broadband to get internet access in our Unit so we can run our business more effeciently,

After waiting around 2 weeks the engineer turned up yesterday to get us connected , but unfortunately he was not able to as he told us he has to climb a BT pole to connect us and he was not authorised to do so despite working for BT Openreach.

He told us we will have to get in touch with NOW TV to sort the issue out.

We spent most of the day ringing NOW TV and also online Chat but have not get anywhere.

We were eventually told by a laid back with no urgency whatsoever customer service representative that he will get back to us in 72 hours to book another engineer which will take between 2 - 3 weeks on average to have a look at the installation issues. This is ridiculous I asked to put a complaint in but was also told that is not possible at the moment.

Iv really had enough and only option left is to cancel can please someone suggest what I should do, as these guys are really useless and dont care their customer service is non exsistant , Please help would be much appreciated .


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@Anonymous User
Wait 72 hours if no reply from them then cancel and ask for refund if you paid for setup cost or delivery of hub but I would suggest try different broadband provider , Plusnet have deals on for Business customers , I’ve never heard that Openreach engineer can’t go up pole. 😂😂
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Thanks for your quick response , yes its also what I thought, that was part of thier job, but engineer told me they needed a hoist and would require special equipment from a different department , NOW TV are showing no interest in chasing up this lead , and seem to be very laid back showing no urgency at all,

Thanks for your contribution will hang on till end of week and ask for cancellation and refund on MondaySmiley Sad


Legend 5
Legend 5

@Anonymous Usergiven the issue is with open reach, any other BT hosted provider is likely to have the same issue. Unfortunately Open reach are not customer facing and hence it is difficult to put pressure on them. If you are without a service you are paying for however you are entitled to redress

. I noticed that you are not using this for personal use but for business use. You might want to look at business broadband it may suit your needs better.


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Hi there,


We are very sorry to see that you're experiencing issues with NOW TV and Openreach.


We hope that this has now been resolved?


Many Thanks


Naomi K - NOW TV Team 

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I think it's luck of the draw with OpenReach.  I have had a similar issue before (it was a business line, but I don't think it matters whether business or residential), however that time I had a pro-active engineer - it did cause a delay but did get resolved.   Basically not all of the engineers are qualified for working at a height (not the individual's fault, it's health and safety regs), but they can/should report back to their controller to arrange for someone who does have the appropriate equipment and certificate to attend - sometimes that can be same-day if they are really good, otherwise it does involve rebooking.


In my case the engineer did apologise and contact his controllers, but I also followed up with the customer-facing provider (not NowTV in this case) and they talked to OpenReach to confirm that another visit had been arranged.  The point is NowTV as your provider should be capable of communicating with OpenReach to get the issue resolved (i.e. get the appropriate engineer to visit).


Hope you do get it sorted!